About Us

In early 2014, our founders found themselves short on cash and in dire need of hitting our sales goal for the company to survive. To achieve an unlikely outcome, they built themselves software to equip 3 salespeople to sell like 20. Gen1st was born.

As hungry craftspeople, we’re obsessed with continuous improvement. Because we know that true champions have the will to break through walls, we have grit and perseveranceWe are one with our customers, treating their pain and success as our own. We’re always honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our community.

Working at Gen1st means being part of a family where we got your back, no matter what, helping you accomplish ever greater feats and celebrating with you. We take ownership — each of us is responsible for our collective success — and we expect you to represent your authentic self. We go out of our way to find different points of view that challenge our own because we find strength in diversity and inclusion.

What We Do

Digital Strategy And Innovation Services Gain competitive advantage, drive customer loyalty and become resilient with our innovative technology solutions

We develop technology solutions that help businesses improve speed, put them on the path of innovation, and sharpen their competitive advantage. We’ll partner with you to integrate and capitalize on digital technologies to achieve a better business outcome. At Gen1st technology Inc, we help our clients develop strategies and solutions that increase their analytic capabilities, enhance their operational excellence, identify new ways to reach their target audience, and improve the delivery of services and products to customers.

Optimize your business with data

Leverage our cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to understand the key factors impacting your services and customers. Our data analysis tools will help you source data from diverse sources and transform the unstructured data into actionable insights that can drive your business forward. Using our customized analysis dashboard, you will be able to make informed decisions and identify the opportunities in your business environment.

Enhance your customers’ experience

We help organizations build intelligent applications that increase interactions and deliver superior experiences to their customers. Regardless of your goals or the audience you want to target, you can rely on our enterprise app development abilities to transform your vision and ideas into applications that will optimize your processes and offer users more comfort and convenience. We are renowned for delivering solutions that increase speeds, reduce costs, and provide tangible benefits.

Digital strategies that make you resilient to disruption

We help businesses accelerate digital transformation so they can evolve at a speed that outmatches their competitors. We are experts at developing strategies that will help you to take advantage of existing and emerging technologies that will put your organization in a favorable position in the market. Additionally, we provide strategies to achieve growth, exploit sales potential, convert threats into opportunities, and achieve business’ short and long-term goals.

Enterprise cost reduction

At Gen1st Technology, our solutions are not only focused on growth, speed, and innovation but also on profitability. We’ll help you increase your bottom line and achieve capital and operational efficiencies by aligning your corporate strategy to your cost structure. We implement initiatives that help businesses address cash and cost challenges, equipping them with the capabilities to serve their customers more efficiently.

Let’s help you drive success through digital strategy and technology innovation

Contact us now to find out how we can help you maximize the return on your technology investment. We can’t wait to help you define your growth path and identify and deploy the critical capabilities needed to achieve your goals and vision

Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.

Accelerate your revenue strategy with the Outreach Engagement and Intelligence platform, powered by AI-driven insights.